Fashion’s Night Out – Orlando

Hi girls,

Yesterday I went to The Mall at Millenia to participate national celebration of fashion  – Fashion’S  Night Out

I got disappointed. I expected much more. The promotions were weak and attractions worse. I can not understand how a Mall of this size can not stand a day so special for fashion.

Neiman Marcus held one of the main events with the perfect combination of a catwalk with trend presentations, beauty tips and tricks from the pros, sips and light bites, music and  special guests. Perfect for the  Fashion’S  Night Out

Trend  Fashion Show –  Neiman Marcus

The Art of Style – fall 2012 trends

MIXED GREENS – Solo or in combination, greens spruce up any wardrobe.

THE JACKET – Goes over everything keep it top of mind.

THE SMOING SLIPPER – The luxury loafer is flat-out chic.

THE LEATHER LEG – Second-skin tight or cut like a trouser, leather has legs.

NAVY: THE NEW NEUTRAL – Pair it up with black or brights.

THE STATEMENT HANDBAG – Size, shape, and details speak volumes.

BORROWED FROM THE BOYS – Menswear influences tailor-made for her.

DIGITAL PRINTS – Patterns made modern.

BROOCHES – One adds newness a cluster adds drama.

THE FALL FACE – Get juiced with the cherry lip.

The Snap Orlando Fashion Shootout with the Orlando Ballet at Neiman Marcus, during Fashion’S  Night Out  was so nice. I liked it a lot. The combination of photo, dance and fashion was phenomenal!

The photographers who participated were Shelley Lake, Jeffrey Hartog, Michael Cairns, Carlos Amoedo, Rafael Tongol and Norma Lopez Molina.

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